Colony Direct Dial Setup Program

Colony Direct Dial Setup program helps colonies with the 3CX Phone System configure their system quickly to make use of the Colony Direct Dial phone service

Learn more about ColonyDirectDial at

How Does My Colony Get the Credentials?

First step is to make a phone call and call us or fill in our request form. We will issue you the username and password to create the lines. If your using a Nortel or other older system you will need a FXO adapter to connect the new lines.

To request an account, click here and complete the request form

How To Configure ColonyDirectDial on 3CX Phone System

The steps are:

  1. Setting up the accound

    We have created a 3CX provider template that has most of the settings. It can be downloaded from:

    And unzipped to

    This will make it show up as a provider template under Canada. Please contact us at (403) 668-7895 or for your account credentials

  2. Outbound rules

    A single outbound rule needs to be set up. Its a 7 digit number starting with 7 prefix.

  3. Inbound rules

    Each extension can / should be assigned a route. Its probably easier to export to csv, add the number and then re-import.

    Each colony should have a default 7<num>000 inbound route. As Wintering Hills is number 102. There should be a inbound rule for 7102000 that goes to the main auto attendant.

    All other extensions should follow the pattern with the last 3 digits being the extension number. I.e if the Kitchen at Wintering Hills is 701 then the kitchen inbound rule would be 7102701. If you don't want an extension to have a direct number, simply don't add it.

    We've added numbers from 100 - 150 and 700 - 799 for each colony.

    Here is an example on our HELIA 3CX. I've assigned our 3cx a number of 000.

    When someone dials 7000100, its rings my extension 200.

  4. Cost

    There is a $99 activation cost to cover the time to configure our server and setup the account. We have 2 lines available for free to every colony. Additional lines are $18 / month. We may be able to drop the cost next year.

    There is no PSTN connection so traditional lines are still required - I expect the other line costs will drop substantially as more and more calls go over these ColonyDirectDial lines.

Your colony is now set up to send and receive calls with ColonyDirectDial phone numbers. A list of colonies already setup can be found at

The numbers only work for Colonies that have completed the steps above. If a colony is not using 3CX Phone System, they can still participate in ColonyDirectDial however other configuration is needed. Contact us directly for more information