Colony Bell for 3CX Phone System.

Colony Bell plays a bell chime on all selected phone and phone devices at the colony. There is 10 bell chimes to choose from. The application comes in both a Free and Paid version.

Free Version - Colony Bell

The Free version of the Colony Bell expires on January 1, 2018. We expect to have an updated version that will expire at a later date. The colony bell application is a Windows application that allows you to play a ring tone on all selected ip phones and phone devices.


Paid Version - Colony Bell

The paid version of the app does not have an expiry date. It also allows the bell to be sounded from any authorized phone extension. The Colony Phone app allows the extensions that can initiate the chime to be limited to authorized extension. The application comes with 10 bell chimes and more can be added. The multicast address used to broadcast the chime can also be modified in the paid version.


Network Configuration

The Colony Bell app working with Multicast channels. Each phone and other paging device that you would like the bell to chime on will need to be configured for the Multicast channel. Currently the multicast channel is fixed and cannot be changed. In future versions the multicast channel will be configurable. The multicast channel that must be configured is: and with a multicast port of: 10000.