PA1 Remote for Church

PA1 Remote for Snom PA1
PA1 Remote for Snom PA1PA1 Remote with Snom PA1PA1 Remote with Snom PA1 and Extension Cable

The PA1 Remote allows Church to be broadcast over the phone system. Elderly and other who are unable and have been given permission to be absent from Church can listen from their homes.

The PA1 Remote has 3 buttons on it. One button starts the broadcast. The second ends the broadcast and the third button will allow a conference call in future versions.

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The PA1 Remote works with the Snom PA1 adapter. The Snom PA1 allows the PA sound system in the Church to be connected to the phone system. A ethernet network connection is also required.

This PA1 Remote is designed for use in Colony Churches. Custom designed remote are available from HELIA. Contact us directly with your specifications.

To purchase the PA1 Remote, visit our website.