ColonyDirectDial Signup

ColonyDirectDial allows direct phone to phone calling between colonies and only between colonies. HELIA provides two lines per colony with no monthly cost and additional lines at a low cost. There is a $99 CAD setup fee to get the account setup.

ColonyDirectDial works on all phone systems. If you have a older phone system that uses Telus, SaskTel or At&T lines, a FXS gateway is required and is purchased separately. We recommend Yeastar gateways. For VoIP phone systems, we recommend 3CX Phone System. For more information we recommend

Settings for ColonyDirectDial

You will need to add in the server, username, and password for the trunk into your phone system. We will provide these for you. Additional settings are as follows:

  • The trunk must be set to use G.722 codec only.
  • You'll need to create an outbound route for 7 digit numbers that start with 7 to use the ColonyDirectDial trunk.
  • An inbound route that ends with 000 should be directed to your colony's main greeting.

We recommend adding inbound routes for all other extensions as well so that each home and shop can have their own direct number that can be dialed from other colonies.

We can provide help configuring your phone system if you'd like. We have experience with most phone system.

For VoIP phone systems, setup is easy. ColonyDirectDial is added as additional trunk and additional inbound and outbound rules are created

Requesting an Account

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