All About the Colony Bell Application for 3CX Phone System

The Colony Bell application allows bells to be played across phones and paging devices throughout the colony. There are three individual bells: 1) Meal Bell, 2) Church Bell and 3) School Bell. The bells are also restricted so only certain phones can activate them. There are default values but they can be changed for each colony

Dinner Bell - Extension 788

The Dinner bell ring on all phones on the colony though it can be updated to ring on less phones. It is activated by dialing extension 788 and rings for 30 seconds. By default it can only be dialed from the kitchen extension 701.

Church Bell - Extension 789

The Church bell rings on all phones on the colony in the same group as the Page All button. It is activated by dialing extension 789 and rings for 30 seconds. By default it can only be dialed from the ministers phones at extension 101 and 102. These extension numbers can be changed in the configuration file for PBXTools.

School Bell - Extension 790

The School bell rings in all homes in the colony but not in the shops. Like the other bells, it can be modified to ring in different homes or shops. It can be activated by dialing extension 790 and rings for 30 seconds. Normally the phone extension of the German school teacher will be able to ring the bell and by default this is extension 120.

First Call Bell - Extension 791

First call bell rings only half as long as the other bells. .


The Colony Bell application has two parts that need to be installed. The two parts are the 3CX PBXTools Installer and the PBXTools Server Console. Both parts must be installed.

PBXTools Server Console Installer

Install the PBXTools Server Console

The PBXTools Server Console application must be running at all times for the features to be available to 3CX.

Phone Configuration

The Colony Bell application works based on Multicast channels. If you are using our custom 3CX Phone templates found here on, then the multicast channels are already set up. If you are using the default templates or another phone system other than 3CX then you will need to manually configure the multicast channels for the phones. Here are the addresses you'll need:

BellMulticast Address
Church Bell
Dinner Bell
Bell School224.0.0.32:10006

Application Updates

The Colony Bell application is still in development and updates will become available. It is a paid application and though this version is freely available, once it is finished development, a one-time license code will be required. This version will run until Jan 1, 2018. An application update will need to be installed before then.

Colony Bell Configuration

The Colony Bell has a number of items that configurated including which extensions are allowed to ring the bell. These items can be changed in the configuration files for the PBXTools Server for both the Windows Service version and the Console version. The configuration file is found in the same folder as the PBXTools program but is different on each computer and so not referenced here.

Additional parameters will be added over time including:

  • Placing the bell on a schedule
  • Replacing the bell sound with another sound
  • Changing the multicast ports
  • Adding in the license key


Your welcome to make requests for how Colony Bells works but changes to the application are as-time-permits. If a particular change or feature is important to you, we can open a custom development project to make the changes at our standard project rate and the provide a delivery date for the feature.